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We will delve into a love letter from a unique perspective: The Arabian horse. This is not just any love letter, it's one that will transform your life. This Arabian horse has a special message for you. It is all about harnessing your energy. To find courage and expressing your voice, and most importantly, relive your passion and imagination. Amore, Electra, and Nathari, with love, they sign, Their affection for you, as pure as the divine. Selfcare and awareness, their lessons for you, To realize the power of "I am", honest and true. In their love, there is no room for sorrow.

I love arabian horses, and I love taking and editing photos, and writing texts. Through this love letter, from the Arabian Horse, I wish to combine these passions, hoping to inspire you, just like how the Arabian horse has inspired me thru my life, and still does. 

We, my horses and I ,hope that this love letter will help you believe in yourself and unleash your potential.

So, the next time you see an Arabian horse, let it be a reminder of this love letter. Let it remind you to harness your energy for connection, to find courage in your voice, to express your creativity, to expose yourself to the world, to become a child again, to have fun, to hone your passion, and to make the world your stage.

Remember, just like the Arabian horse, you too, have the power to gallop with grace, to neigh with courage, and to inspire others with your unique voice. So, take this love letter  and designs to heart, let its message fuel your passion, and let the Arabian horse inspire your journey.

Love from all of us, Nina Maithili, Amore, Electra and Nathari





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